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    You Rock! – DIY Banner Decoration for Boy’s Room.

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti at // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    Hey there lovelies! Today I have a very fun project for you! was kind enough to send me two of their new sets from their nested dies collection that work with most die cutting machines (I used my Sizzix BigShot). I chose the nested flag banners and the nested triangle set because as soon as I saw them, I already had so many project ideas in mind! There’s just so much you can do with them. Today I want to show you one way you can use the nested flag banners dies.

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    (Do you see those beautiful sparkly cutting dies?! I knew I had to have them for my Sizzix BigShot as soon as I saw them. And I may or may not have already ordered the ones with the gold glitter as well…)

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    Of course the first thing I wanted to create was a banner – I mean, it’s in the name 😀 And to shake things up a little bit, I chose a very different colour scheme and theme from what I normally use. I wanted to create a banner that would be perfect as home decoration for a boy’s room, and what better collection to use than Pinkfresh Studio’s new “Boys Fort”? The 6×6″ paper pack was perfect for the third biggest banner die which I used to create the “base” of my banner (it measures approx. 4.2″x6″). I then used vellum that I cut with the fourth biggest die (approx. 3.5″x5.2″) and layered those vellum banners on top of my cardstock base. The vellum is perfect to a) create some more dimension and b) to mute the colours of the cardstock a little bit.

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    I adhered the vellum banners by stitching them down on the top only so that they would still lift off from the base. I then cut out the scalloped circles from the same paper pack, layered the silver stars I cut from some mirrored cardstock on top of them and adhered my alpha stickers. I love the font of the alpha stickers, especially the different weights for some of the letters, but they are originally grey which means they wouldn’t really stand out from the silver stars beneath. So I decided to paint them with some black acrylic paint and I think they turned out pretty good 🙂

    Using acrylic paint is the perfect way to change the colour of your cardstock alpha stickers when you need (you could also use nail polish).

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcomYou Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    I also used my Wink of Stella clear glitter brush on the letters to add some more detail (and to be honest, a project without some shine or sparkle isn’t going to happen for me, haha). It’s hard to see in the photos, but in the one below it’s a bit more visible. To create some more dimension, I also used foam squares to adhere the scalloped circles and the stars.

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    You could easily just punch holes in your banners and string them on some twine as is, but I wanted to add some more detail to them and make them more durable to avoid that the holes would tear when you move them around on the string too often. Therefore I used my Crop-A-Dile (seriously, how could I live without it for so long?!) and some small eyelets in silver and copper and then strung the banners onto some white + silver baker’s twine. The metallic touches in chrome and (brushed) copper are perfect for the masculine theme. I normally use A LOT of gold in my projects, so it was nice to have something different for a change 😉

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    I also used bits from the Boys Fort ephemera pack, the wood buttons, the phrase stickers and the wood stickers to embellish my banner a little bit. Oh, and those fabric pennants just begged to be added to this banner! It was just meant to be 😉

    You can get a closer look at the banner in the next photos:

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    And here are some more detail shots for you:

    You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom  You Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcomYou Rock Banner by ScatteredConfetti // #sizzix #pinkfreshstudio #scrapbookcom

    I had a lot of fun creating this project with those dies and the Pinkfresh Studio “Boys Fort” collection – it was something very different for me! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Would love it if you let me know in the comments what you think of it!

    Oh, and there might be another project coming to the blog soon with the other die set I chose (the nested triangle set) which will be the perfect counterpiece. So for all the fans of girly colours, stay tuned 😉

    * My blog content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. Compensated affiliate links present no additional cost to you.  If you buy sth. trough my affiliate link, I’ll earn some coffee money which will help keep me going and create more projects for you 🙂 Thank you for your support!

    In cooperation with Words and opinions are my own.

    • Umbrella Crafts - Nested Flag Banners
    • Sizzix - Big Shot Machine Bundle
    • Sizzix - Big Shot Cutting Pads with Silver Glitter
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - 6x6" Paper Pad
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - Chipboard Alpha
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - Wood Buttons
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - Ephemera
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - Fabric Pennants
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - Wood Stickers
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Boys Fort - Phrase Stickers
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Escape the Ordinary - Puffy Stickers
    • Pinkfresh Studio - Escape the Ordinary - Phrase Stickers
    • We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile
    • We R Memory Keepers - Crop-A-Dile Set
    • American Crafts - Mini Stapler Gold
    • Sizzix - Stars Framelits
    • Sizzix - Scallop Circles Framelits
    • ZIG - Wink of Stella - Clear Glitter Brush
    • Heidi Swapp - Color Shine - Navy
    • Lawn Fawn - Bakers Twine Silver Sparkle
    • Tonic Studios - Mirror Cardstock - Silver
    • Scrapbook Adhesives - Foam Squares
    • Bazzill Basics - Vellum White















    DIY, Scrapbooking

    Some Cute Halloween Gifts or The Importance of Making Something Just for Fun.

    Hey there 🙂

    It’s been a bit quiet around here – again – and I apologise. Although I’m not sure I really need to, because, after all, this is my space and I’m the one who decides how regularly I want to post here and what I want to write about. And this thought already leads me to the underlying “theme” of today’s blogpost: making what I want. Just because I want to. Not because I have to.

    You know, I could just go ahead and share the photos of the results of yesterday evening’s spontaneous halloween-themed crafting session (and you are absolutely welcome to just skip ahead, look at the pretty pictures and go on with your day 😉 ). But I really want to tell you something more about the “why” of this project. So if you are interested in hearing more about it, go grab a cup of coffee/tea or whatever you like and make yourself comfortable. It might get wordy.. who knows 😀

    Halloween Gifts & Treats.Halloween Gifts & Treats.

    First of all you need to know that I’m not really into halloween at all. I haven’t “celebrated” it as a kid (it wasn’t all that popular when I was younger and it’s only now becoming more and more popular over here in Germany), I don’t really like dressing up and to be honest, I don’t really “get” it. So this also means that I’ve never done any halloween decorating or crafting because, I mean, what for if I don’t have any kids who would be into it and neither me nor S. celebrate it? When the halloween-themed crafting/scrapbooking products started hitting the online shops earlier this year, however, I was desperately trying to find a reason to buy some of those cute products 😀 (like this adorable mummy, those cute spiders or these eyes – so cute right?!) But I just couldn’t justify buying something only because it was cute, knowing I wouldn’t (be able to) use it. So I tried to get them out of my head. As halloween was coming nearer and nearer, I was still thinking about what I could make with them. But I kept thinking that I don’t really have a use for any of them and that they don’t go with any of my projects I was/am working on for my design teams.

    And then it hit me. Why would they need to go with my DT projects?! Why would I need to make something with them to promote sth? Why would it need to be for me?

    Halloween Gifts & Treats.Halloween Gifts & Treats.

    As I was driving home from work (which luckily is a scrapbooking shop 😉 ) yesterday, I had a lightbulb moment and decided I would make some cute little treat bags and boxes for my colleagues and their kids! So after I had already gone about half of they way, I turned around, headed back to work and grabbed some products I would need for my project (and finally also the mummy, the spiders and the eyes I talked about earlier :D). I was SO excited to get back home and start crafting! And to be honest, I haven’t felt like this in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong: I love my DTs and I like working for those awesome companies (I wouldn’t if I wasn’t convinced by them!) but there is a difference between making something just for fun, just for me and having to make something with certain products and with a deadline in mind. At least there is for me.

    Halloween Gifts & Treats.

    While I was working on all of these little bags and boxes you can see in these photos yesterday evening, I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time! Whenever I finished a little piece, I would show it to S. – proudly grinning at him 😀 I didn’t look at the clock even once, I was so absorbed in it. When I was done with the basis for the pillow boxes and the treat bags, I started decorating them. While doing that, I tried to customise them as much as possible to the person I wanted to give it to, which was so much fun!

    I filled the bags and pillow boxes with different kinds of candy. The ghosts are actually lollipops which I covered with a facial tissue 🙂

    Halloween Gifts & Treats.Halloween Gifts & Treats.

    I really cannot wait to give those little gifts to my colleagues! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the faces of their kids when they give the gifts to them but that doesn’t really matter because I know they will be delighted and I just had so much fun making them (can you tell I had fun?! haha) that that’s enough for me.

    I’m really really pleased with the result of this lightbulb moment idea and it just reminded me that it is really important to make something just for fun, just for you, every once in a while! And “just for you” in that case doesn’t necessarily mean that you will keep the final product in the end, but rather that you make it because you want to and that it doesn’t really matter if in the end the project ended up somewhere in a box or in someone else’s home or maybe even no-one else besides you sees it. Sometimes the journey really is the reward 🙂

    Halloween Gifts & Treats.

    So I guess what I am trying to say with this (probably too) long blogpost is: When was the last time you made something just for you, just for fun? Just because you wanted to. It’s probably been too long ago. So: what is the first project that comes to your mind that you’ve wanted to make for quite a while but just didn’t (for whatever reason)? And I’m not necessarily talking about someting big like learning to knit or going to a pottery class. It could be something simple like making some “just because” cards with some stamps that you have lying around that you haven’t used (in a while or ever), or making a little mini album about you/your favourite memory/person/… or…  Whatever it is: Make it! Don’t overthink it. Don’t actually start thinking about it all that much, just start!

    And if you do, I’d love to know what it is that you’ve made (or want to make) 🙂



    Products used:

    Please note: As I explained above (in very much detail :D), I didn’t make any of this for promotion. However, I still want to list the products I used because someone might be interested to know what a certain product is in case they wanted to get it, too.


    * Shopping links are affiliate links




    A Very Special Anniversary Gift [for a Guy]

    —- deutscher Text am Ende des Posts —-

    3D Paperrobot

    You might already know this cutie from my Instagram post yesterday. He was an anniversary gift to my fiancé because yesterday we celebrated two years of being engaged! (By the way, you can read our engagement story (with photos of the actual moment he asked THE question) here, if you like)

    A few weeks ago he mentioned (again and again) that as a kid he always wanted a robot but never got one, so I made a mental note to get him one as his anniversary gift. When the time came and I was looking for a robot I’d get him, I couldn’t decide. There were so many options and I wasn’t quite sure what kind of robot he had in mind. And since it was something he always wanted, I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. So I decided to let him pick one for himself. However, I didn’t want to just give him a gift card or a card that said he could pick one, I wanted something special. When I found this cut file in the Silhouette Online Store, I knew that it was perfect! The great thing about this 3D-paperrobot is that you can use it as a giftbox.

    The assembly is really easy. I just followed the instructions on Amanda’s blog to put this little guy together (the pixelated hearts are part of the cutfile, too!). The only thing I really changed was the adhesive: I don’t like to use liquid glue for projects like this because the paper usually crinkles in the spots where the glue was applied. So I used my trusted glue tape runner. Makes it a lot less messier and quicker, too!

    If you keep the preset size, your robot will be about 11.5″ tall by 5.5″ wide. Therefore you’ll need two 12×12″ papers for the bigger box, so make sure you have two sheets of the colour you want to use (three if you want the head to have the same colour as the body). In total I used 4 different shades of grey: the darkest for the body and the lightest for the “hands”, feet, the latch, the circles behind the eyes, the antenna and the highlights on my pink hearts.

    3D Paperrobot

    For the brads that are needed to adhere the arms, antennas and the door latch I used those that you also use to close mail envelopes/packages (not sure if they have a different name in English or simply brads..). I painted the ones for the arms and antennas with a black Sharpie and kept those for the door latch gold.

    I also used some Zazz! glitter glue (in crystal) to accentuate the eyes and basically all the light grey parts (except for those circles behind the eyes) and give them a metallic effect. You could of course also use glitter paper or mirror sheets, but I didn’t have any of those at home so I went for this alternative 🙂

    3D Paperrobot

    I then made a card and heart shaped envelope with this cutfile that I put inside the robot to be discovered by S. when he opened him. I also threw in some more hearts, for good measure 😉 Unfortunately you can’t see it in the photos, but I also stamped and then cut out the robot from this Kelly Purkey/Hero Arts stamp set and put it inside as well. This is the “token” S. can use to claim his own robot 😀

    Although this is not a “real” robot, I think we will keep him and find a different use for him. I already thought about using him as some kind of love letter box where each of us can throw in random little love notes every now and then and that we can then open together, for example at the end of each week or month. I think in today’s hectic daily routines nice words and compliments go short, so maybe this will help to put some more love in the everyday.

    3D Paperrobot3D Paperrobot

    Putting the whole thing together and decorating it took me about an hour or so – so it’s not that time consuming. And I think it’s something that you could easily make with kids, too, because there aren’t many small or difficult parts. And it was absolutely worth it because a) S. loved it, b) it was a lot of fun to put together and c) I’m really happy with and proud of the result 🙂

    I think I really have to get out my Silhouette more.. it’s been ages sinced I used it before this project but it just made it so much easier than cutting every piece by hand!

    (find the products I used at the end of this post)

    —— Deutscher Text ——

    Ihr habt diesen süßen Kerl vielleicht gestern schon bei Instagram gesehen und gelesen, dass er ein Geschenk an meinen Verlobten zu unserem 2. Verlobungstag (gestern) war. (Übrigens gibt es die ganze Verlobungsgeschichte (mit Bildern von dem Moment in dem er die Frage aller Fragen stellte) auch hier zu lesen)

    Vor ein paar Wochen hat S. mehrfach erwähnt, dass er als Kind sich immer einen Roboter gewünscht hat, aber nie einen bekam. Also habe ich mir das direkt mal als Geschenkidee für den bevorstehenden Jahrestag gemerkt. Als es dann soweit war, habe ich online nach möglichen Kandidaten gesucht und war etwas überfordert von der Auswahl. Da ich nicht wusste, was für einen er sich genau vorgestellt hat und ich auch nicht den falschen aussuchen wollte, kam ich schnell zu dem Schluss, dass es wohl besser wäre ihm die Auswahl zu überlassen. Allerdings wollte ich ihm nicht einfach nur einen langweiligen Gutschein oder eine Karte schenken, also musste etwas Besonderes her. Und als ich diese Vorlage im Silhouette Online Store gefunden habe, wusste ich, dass der perfekt wäre 🙂

    Das Zusammenbauen des Roboters ist wirklich einfach. Ich habe einfach die Anleitung auf Amanda’s Blog befolgt. Die einzige Sache die ich geändert habe, ist der Kleber. Ich arbeite sehr ungern mit Flüssigkleber, da sich das Papier meist an den Stellen, wo der Kleber aufgetragen wurde wellt. Also habe ich meinen Kleberoller genommen. Das macht weniger Sauerei und geht noch dazu schneller! Wenn ihr die voreingestellte Größe beibehaltet, wird der Roboter ca. 11,5“ groß und 5,5“ breit. Daher braucht man für die untere Box auch zwei 12×12″ Bögen. Stellt also sicher, dass ihr von der Farbe, die ihr dafür nutzen wollt auch zwei Bögen habt (drei wenn der Kopf in der gleichen Farbe sein soll).

    Ich habe insgesamt vier verschiedene Grautöne verwendet: das dunkelste für den Körper und das hellste Grau für die Füße, Hände, die Antenne (bzw. diesen Zick-zack-Teil zwischen den Antennen), den Riegel der Tür, die großen Kreise für die Augen und für die Highlights auf den Herzchen. Für die Brads, die man braucht um die Arme und die Antennen zu befestigen, habe ich Musterbeutelklammern (ja, so heißen die Dinger die man verwendet um Briefumschläge zu verschließen :D) verwendet, die ich noch hier rumliegen hatte. Da ich nur goldene hatte, habe ich die die ich für die Arme und Antennen benutzt habe, mit einem schwarzen Sharpie angemalt. Außerdem hab ich noch ein bisschen Zazz! Glitzerkleber (in der Farbe crystal) auf die Pupillen und alle hellgrauen Teile (außer die großen Kreise der Augen) aufgetragen um sie ein bisschen hervorzuheben bzw. einen Metallic-Effekt zu vermitteln. Glitzerkarton oder Spiegelkarton würde sich dafür auch super eignen, allerdings hatte ich nichts davon zuhause. Also musste es eben so gehen 😉

    3D Paperrobot

    Für die Karte, die sich dann in dem Roboter versteckte, habe ich diese Schneidevorlage von Silhouette verwendet – aber letztlich tut es jede Karte. Achtet nur darauf, dass sie nicht breiter ist als die Mundöffnung des Roboters, sonst kann er sie nicht “fressen” 😉 Außerdem hab ich noch ein paar mehr Herzchen ausgeschnitten, die ich dann mit hineingeworfen habe. Für den Roboter-“Gutschein” habe ich den Roboter von diesem Kelly Purkey/Hero Arts Stempelset auf weißen Cardstock gestempelt und ausgeschnitten und ihn ebenfalls mit in die Box reingelegt (leider ist der auf den Fotos nicht zu sehen). Das ist jetzt sozusagen der “Token” den S. für seinen Roboter einlösen kann 😉

    Auch wenn das nicht der eigentliche Roboter für S. ist, werden wir ihn wahrscheinlich doch behalten (zum Wegwerfen ist er auch echt zu schade!). Ich habe schon überlegt ihn evtl. als eine Art “Briefkasten” für kleine Liebesbriefchen zu benutzen. So könnte man zB immer, wenn einem gerade etwas am anderen richtig gut gefällt dies auf ein Zettelchen schreiben, es in den Roboter schmeißen und dann zB immer am Ende einer Woche/eines Monats zusammen öffnen 🙂 Ich finde das kleine Komplimente und Nettigkeiten im hektischen Alltag und im täglichen Zusammenleben oft untergehen und zu kurz kommmen!

    Das Zusammenbasteln des Roboters hat ca. eine Stunde gedauert (vielleicht auch weniger? hab nicht auf die Uhr geschaut..), ist also kein so extrem zeitaufwendiges Projekt. Außerdem glaube ich, dass man ihn auch gut mit Kindern basteln könnte, da das Projekt nicht viele Kleinteile beinhaltet und ziemlich einfach zusammenzubauen ist, wenn man die von der Silhouette ausgeschnittenen Teile hat. Für mich hat sich der Aufwand jedenfalls allemal gelohnt, denn 1. fand S. das Geschenk super, 2. hat es Spaß gemacht ihn zusammenzubauen und 3. bin ich echt richtig glücklich und zufrieden mit dem Resultat! 🙂

    Ich glaube ich muss meine Silhouette mal wieder häufiger rausholen.. die saß schon viel zu lange unbeachtet im Regal rum 😀


    Products used/verwendete Produkte:

    Silhouette Cameo (cutfiles ID #54794 & #48416)

    American Crafts & Bazzil cardstock (I don’t know the exact colours, sorry)

    American Crafts Zazz! glitter glue (crystal)

    Hero Arts/Kelly Purkey Super Cool stamp set


    DIY, Scrapbooking

    My first December Daily Album Using the [Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit] – Customising Your Album.

    Soo.. this year I’m trying my hands at creating a December Daily®/December Memories album for the first time! The past two or three years I just didn’t have enough time to a) create an album and b) do enough “exciting” things and take photos that I could actually use for such an album.

    This year, however, it’s the first time in ages that I can actually enjoy the holiday season a bit. As you might have read on IG, I finally finished my teacher training and passed my final exam so I am now officially a teacher. This of course still means a lot of work but a lot less work than I’ve had in the past 1,5 years!

    December Daily by ScatteredConfetti with December Memories kit

    Read more

    DIY, Scrapbooking

    Using [Heidi Swapp Marquee Love] for Christmas Decorations – SBW Advent Calendar.

    Scrapbook Werkstatt Adventskalender

    Today I’m sharing some inspiration for Christmas decoration with the Heidi Swapp Marquee Love products over in the Scrapbook Werkstatt Advent Calendar. Everyday the SBW Design Team girls have a new tutorial, layout, card, or other project for you to keep you inspired this holiday season!! 🙂

    Head over here to see some more photos of my Marquee lights (that I couldn’t stop taking photos of 😀 )

    DIY, Scrapbooking

    DIY Notepads with [Papierprojekt Moment-Stempel].

     —- English text at the end of this post —–
    Notizblock DIY mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln by ScateredConfetti

    Ihr Lieben, heute habe ich eine kleine, schnelle DIY-Idee für euch. Ich zeige euch, wie ihr mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln ganz schnell und einfach hübsche Notizblöcke gestalten könnt – für euch selbst, oder aber auch zum Verschenken.

    Alles was ihr dafür braucht, neben den hübschen Stempeln und Stempelfarbe, ist etwas dickeres Papier (am besten weiß oder einfarbig), ein Notizblock und Washi-Tape.

    Notizblock DIY mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln by ScateredConfetti
    Notizblock DIY mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln by ScateredConfetti

    Da das DIY so einfach ist, habe ich keine Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung gemacht. Es geht ganz fix:

    1. Zuerst dickes weißes Papier (kann z.B. auch Aquarellpapier sein) auf die Größe eures Notizblocks zurechtschneiden. Dazu schneidet ihr den Bogen in der Höhe etwas länger als die Vorderseite, sodass ihr diesen dann auch noch auf die Rückseite umklappen und dort festkleben könnt.
    2. Das Papier mit den Stempeln nach Lust und Laune verzieren. Ich habe dazu Stempel aus dem Planerliebe, Jeder Tag zählt, Glück ist… und Mustermix Set verwendet.
    3. Nun das Papier z.B. mit einem Kleberoller am oberen Rand des Notizblocks festkleben; dann auf die Rückseite umschlagen und auch dort nochmal festkleben (Am besten falzt ihr das Papier nochmal leicht an der Stelle, wo ihr es dann knickt, wenn ihr den Block aufklappen wollt. So gibt es dann eine saubere Kante.)
    4. Ich habe mein Papier auf der Vorderseite mit einem Kleberoller befestigt. Auf der Rückseite habe ich Flüssigkleber genommen und die Notizblöcke über nacht zwischen schweren Büchern gepresst, damit am Ende alles gut haftet.
    5. Zum Schluss könnt ihr mit etwas Washi noch den oberen Rand der Blöcke verschönern.
    6. Block aufklappen, Stift schnappen und Notizen in einem hübschen, individuellen Block festhalten oder an Freunde verschenken 🙂
    Notizblock DIY mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln by ScateredConfetti
    Notizblock DIY mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln by ScateredConfetti

    Tipp: Um das Deckblatt des Blocks zu gestalten könnt ihr z.B. auf einem weißen Bogen Papier ganz viele verschiedene Motive (mit einer oder mehreren Farben) aufstempeln und so gestalten. Bei den beiden anderen Blöcken habe ich vor dem Stempeln das Papier noch mit Wasserfarben eingefärbt. Danach habe ich das entsprechende Motiv noch mit weißem Embossingpulver aufgebracht.

    Hier findet ihr auch nochmal eine genauere Anleitung zum Embossen.

    Notizblock DIY mit den Papierprojekt Moment-Stempeln by ScateredConfetti

    Der Phantasie bei der Gestaltung des Deckblatts sind dabei natürlich keine Grenzen gesetzt! Man könnte außerdem auch kleine Notizheftchen mit den Moment-Stempeln gestalten… so viele Möglichkeiten!

    Ich hoffe jedenfalls, dass ich euch damit noch ein bisschen neue Ideen liefern konnte, was ihr mit euren Stempeln so alles anstellen könnt! Und solltet ihr noch keine haben, schaut doch mal hier im Papierprojekt Etsy Shop vorbei – dort gibt es auch ein tolles Angebot für alle sechs Sets zusammen!


    Hey there! 🙂 Today I have a quick and easy DIY for individualised notepads for you that I made with the Papierprojekt Moment-Stempel!

    All you need for those cute little note pads are stamps, stamping ink, some cardstock (preferably white or uni) and a plain ol’ storebought notepad.

    I didn’t photograph all the single steps because the DIY is actually really easy and quick, so I’m just going to break it down what I did:

    1. Cut down the carstock to the size of your notepad. Cut the length a bit larger than the front of the notepad so that you can then fold it back and glue it down.
    2. Use your stamps to create the cover for your notepad. You can either stamp many different images with the same or different colours, or you can stamp and emboss one (or more) image. There are so many possibilities!
    3. Now attach the cover to the front of your notepad. For that I used a glue runner along the top edge of the front. On the backside I glued down my paper with liquid adhesive and put the whole notepad between a heavy stack of books overnight, so that it would stay glued down. (You could also use some foldback clips to do that)
    4. After you’ve done that, you can use some washi to decorate the top border of your notepad.
    5. Now take out a pen, flip open your notepad and start writing down all the things you’d otherwise forget in your cute little personalised notepad 😉  ..or gift it to a friend!

    You can get your Papierprojekt stamps here.

    Announcement, DIY, Scrapbooking

    The Handmade Happy Craft Magazine [Summer Edition].

    The good news keep on coming! Not only have a few of my layouts been chosen to be featured in the Jot Magazine, I also had the chance to contribute some of them to the new “Handmade Happy” Craft Magazine by Claire from Heart Handmade UK!!

    The Handmade Happy Mag is a free online magazine, where Claire features lots of projects from crafters all around the world and from various crafty fields (sewing, crocheting, paper crafts, etc.). This is the second edition of the summer mag, and there has also been a winter themed magazine.
    Go check them all out here and be sure to leave some nice words on Claire’s blog 🙂


    I made two new layouts and a little gift bag tutorial for the magazine, with the colour scheme in mind that Claire had sent me beforehand. But there are also a few of my “older” pages in there 🙂

    So, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of cold, fresh lemonade 😉 ) and get inspired!

    DIY, Scrapbooking

    [Lora Bailora] Birthday Calendar.


    DIY Birthday Calendar by ScatteredConfetti

    I don’t know about you, but I have almost all the important dates for birthdays, anniversaries etc. memorised and very rarely forget one (I even remember quite a few birthday dates from my class mates in the elementary school).
    S. however is quite the opposite. He has the most important dates in mind (his birthday :D, my birthday, his mother’s and sister’s birthday and our anniversary) and so far hasn’t forgotten my birthday (which is very unlikely to happen, since it’s two days after his b-day). But that’s about it for dates he has memorised. So one day, when looking at my pretty month stamps by LoraBailora, I had the idea of making a really simple and easy (almost pocket-sized) birthday calendar.

    DIY Birthday Calendar by ScatteredConfetti
    DIY Birthday Calendar by ScatteredConfetti

    I shared the full tutorial on the LoraBailora blog a few weeks ago. Of course you could also change the size of the calendar and make it even bigger so you can hang it up, or even smaller so it fits in a bag and you can take it with you wherever you go.


    DIY, Scrapbooking

    Making Your Own Gift Bags [a Papierprojekt Moment-Stempel DIY].

    Hey guys, long time no see? 😉

    Just wanted to let you know that today I’m over on the Papierprojekt blog to share a DIY I made with Felicitas’ Moment-Stempel sets: cute little glassine bags that I individualised with her stamps and some embossing, perfect to add to any gift or to hold sth. small like a gift card.

    Ich wollte nur schnell vorbeischauen, um euch zu sagen, dass ich heute bei Felicitas auf dem Papierprojekt Blog mit einem DIY vertreten bin. Dort zeige ich euch, wie ihr aus gewöhnlichen kleinen Pergamintütchen mithilfe der Moment-Stempel ganz individuelle hübsche Geschenktüten machen könnt – mit nur wenig Material- und Zeitaufwand. 🙂 Also, schaut doch mal vorbei!

    Here’s a little sneak peek 😉 Hop over to the Papierprojekt blog to read it all and see more photos 🙂

    Have a nice week y’all! 🙂

    DIY, Scrapbooking

    A One Sheet Only [Minialbum].

    Hallo ihr Lieben,

    ich schaue nur kurz vorbei um euch Bescheid zu sagen, dass ich heute eine DIY Idee für ein kleines und schnelles Minialbum in der Minialbum Werkstatt der Scrapbook Werkstatt habe.
    Alles was man für die Basis des Albums braucht ist ein einziger Bogen Patterned Paper!! Schaut doch mal vorbei! 🙂

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to pop in to let you know that I am sharing a DIY idea for a cute and simple mini album over in the Scrapbook Werkstatt Inspiration Gallery. All you need for the album itself is only one sheet of patterned paper – how cool is that? 😉

    The text and the video are in German, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand from just watching the video 😉
    So, I’d be happy if you stopped by.

    DIY, Scrapbooking

    DIY Notepad [Serendipity].

    I hope you all had some nice and relaxing Christmas days with your families and friends and lots of good food 😉 I feel like I have eaten as much in the last for days as I would normally eat in about two weeks.. And there are style piles of candy, chocolate and cookies that are always calling my name 😀

    Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle ein paar schöne und erholsame Weihnachtsfeiertage mit euren Familien! ..und gutem Essen! 😉 Ich hab das Gefühl in den letzten paar Tagen so viel gegessen zu haben wie sonst in etwa zwei Wochen… Und hier liegen immernoch so viele Packungen Pralinen, Süßigkeiten und Plätzchen rum…

    I didn’t have much time for crafting in the past week or two (probably like most of you), so today I’m showing you an “older” project. I made this one about four weeks ago but I couldn’t show you any sooner because it was part of the advent calendar that I made for Felicitas (I think on day 23?). But now that she has opened it and already told me that she liked it, I can finally show you as well! 🙂

    In den letzten Tagen hatte ich nicht viel Zeit zum Scrappen (so ging es vermutlich den meisten), daher zeige ich euch heute ein etwas “älteres” Projekt. Ich habe diesen kleinen Notizblock vor knapp 4 Wochen gemacht, konnte ihn euch aber noch nicht zeigen, da er sich hinter einem “Türchen” in dem Adventskalender verbarg, den ich für Felicitas gemacht hatte. Da aber mittlerweile alle Päckchen geöffnet sind, und sie mir auch schon verraten hat, dass er ihr gefällt, kann ich ihn heute mit euch teilen 😉

    For this little notepad I used a simple blank one that I had bought some time ago. It didn’t have a cover, so it was just the stack of paper with a cardboard back cover. I didn’t photograph the single steps because it’s very easy and quite self-explanatory.
    From a sheet of patterned paper I cut out a strip that was large enough to cover the back and that small strip at the top on the front. I glued everything down except the front strip. Then I cut out the front, glued it down at the top and then glued the small strip from the back cover onto it. (Hope that makes sense 😉 )

    Für diesen Notizblock habe ich einen ganz einfachen fertigen verwendet, von dem ich mal einen ganzen Schwung gekauft hatte (genau für diese Idee). Er hatte kein Cover, nur die zusammengehefteten Blätter und eine Rückseite aus Pappe.
    Aus einem Bogen Papier habe ich dann einen Streifen geschnitten, der groß genug war um die Rückseite zu bedecken, sowie den Streifen am oberen Rand auf der Vorderseite. Dann habe ich alles festgeklebt, außer den schmalen Streifen vorne. Als nächstes habe ich aus einem anderen Bogen ein Stück für das Cover ausgeschnitten, es oben festgeklebt und dann den Streifen der Rückseite wiederum darauf befestigt (ohje, ich glaub ich erkläre es komplizierter als es ist :D).

    When that was done, I started embellishing the front and back a little bit, with colours that I thought would fir Felicitas perfectly. The bold pink tohgether with the turquoise/aqua and the gold and copper bits = perfect.

    Als ich damit fertig war, habe ich angefangen die Vorder- und Rückseite noch ein bisschen aufzuhübschen. Ich hab die Farben ganz bewusst so ausgewählt, da ich fand, dass sie perfekt zu Felicitas passen würden. Wenn ich an Felicitas denke, fällt mir immer zuerst dieses Türkis ein 🙂

    The whole thing took me only about 10 minutes to complete because I already had the basis to work on. I think it’s a super cute and fun DIY gift idea that could be easily adjusted to the recipients style and taste! I think I will make some more for some friends – a pretty note pad like this makes taking notes and to do-lists so much more enjoyable, don’t you think? 🙂

    Die ganze Sache hat nur ca. 10 Minuten gedauert, da ich ja nur noch die Basis etwas aufhübschen musste. Ich finde, das ist eine wirklich süße und einfach DIY Idee, die man perfekt an den/die Beschenkten anpassen kann. Außerdem, To Do-Listen und Notizen aufschreiben macht mit so einem hübschen Block doch gleich viel mehr Spaß, oder nicht? 🙂

    Did you also gift something handmade? Or did you receive sth. handmade?

    Products used:
    American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Serendipity” Razzleberry paper
    American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Serendipity” Sugar Sugar paper
    American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Serendipity” Ephemera
    American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Serendipity” Phrase & Letter stickers, gold
    American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Serendipity” Enamel Dots
    American Crafts “Dear Lizzy – Serendipity” Medium Stamps
    American Crafts Glitter tape
    American Crafts “Zing” Embossing Powder (copper)
    Studio Calico “Essentials” Chipboard Stars (gold)