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    My Citrus Twist Kits October Projects.

    October was my first month on the Citrus Twist Kits Design Team and I had lots of fun creating my projects with the Scrapbook Main kit “Good Vibes” and the Embellishment Kit. Here’s a quick overview 🙂

    First of all I made this layout using the Scrapbook Main kit and the Embellishment kit which both contained lots of Pink Paislee/Paige Evans “Oh My Heart” and Crate Paper/Maggie Holmes “Carousel” and I think they go together really well! Probably my favourite part was the gold/pink glitter ribbon from the Embellishment kit! I mean, I love everything that’s gold – and if it glitters, even better 😀

    Perfect Moments by Scattered Confetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #pinkpaislee


    This second layout was created for my 3-to-Inspire blogpost (here). My challenge for you was to

    1. use as little patterned paper as possible
    2. frame your photo with embellishments and diecuts
    3. add some paint splatters

    I loved the flower die cuts in the “Oh My Heart” (Pink Paislee) ephemera package and decided to use almost all of them on one layout:

    Everyday Moments by Scattered Confetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #pinkpaislee Everyday Moments by Scattered Confetti. // #scrapbooking #layout #citrustwistkits #pinkpaislee

    And (maybe) my favourite project of the three are these cute little customised notebooks which are perfect as little gifts or as a quick and easy crafty project with kids! You can find the step by step instructions and more detail photos here.

    Customized Notebooks by Scattered Confetti. // #scrapbooking #papercrafting #kidscrafts #citrustwistkits #pinkpaislee #diy Customized Notebooks by Scattered Confetti. // #scrapbooking #papercrafting #kidscrafts #citrustwistkits #pinkpaislee #diyCustomized Notebooks by Scattered Confetti. // #scrapbooking #papercrafting #kidscrafts #citrustwistkits #pinkpaislee #diy

    Can’t wait to show you my projects with the Citrus Twist Kits November kits – which I like even more than the October kits 😀







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    The Handmade Happy Craft Magazine [Summer Edition].

    The good news keep on coming! Not only have a few of my layouts been chosen to be featured in the Jot Magazine, I also had the chance to contribute some of them to the new “Handmade Happy” Craft Magazine by Claire from Heart Handmade UK!!

    The Handmade Happy Mag is a free online magazine, where Claire features lots of projects from crafters all around the world and from various crafty fields (sewing, crocheting, paper crafts, etc.). This is the second edition of the summer mag, and there has also been a winter themed magazine.
    Go check them all out here and be sure to leave some nice words on Claire’s blog 🙂


    I made two new layouts and a little gift bag tutorial for the magazine, with the colour scheme in mind that Claire had sent me beforehand. But there are also a few of my “older” pages in there 🙂

    So, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of cold, fresh lemonade 😉 ) and get inspired!

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    A One Sheet Only [Minialbum].

    Hallo ihr Lieben,

    ich schaue nur kurz vorbei um euch Bescheid zu sagen, dass ich heute eine DIY Idee für ein kleines und schnelles Minialbum in der Minialbum Werkstatt der Scrapbook Werkstatt habe.
    Alles was man für die Basis des Albums braucht ist ein einziger Bogen Patterned Paper!! Schaut doch mal vorbei! 🙂

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to pop in to let you know that I am sharing a DIY idea for a cute and simple mini album over in the Scrapbook Werkstatt Inspiration Gallery. All you need for the album itself is only one sheet of patterned paper – how cool is that? 😉

    The text and the video are in German, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand from just watching the video 😉
    So, I’d be happy if you stopped by.


    Scrapbook Werkstatt [Adventskalender] Nr. 23 – DIY Gift Wrap.

    Oh my goodness, how the hell can it be the 23rd of December already?! It feels like yesterday that I was saying to myself “I should better start making the basis for my December Daily album before the end of the first week of December or otherwise I will never even finish this album” and now December is almost over and, you guessed it, I haven’t even begun to make a basis for said album 😀 ..doesn’t make sense to start now anymore..

    Anyway, today I’m over on the Scrapbook Werkstatt Inspiration Gallery again, sharing a quick and easy peasy DIY idea for how to make your own gift wrap! 🙂

    Ohje, wie kann es eigentlich schon der 23. Dezember sein?? Es fühlt sich an wie gestern, dass ich mir noch dachte “Du solltest langsam mal die Basis für dein December Daily machen und am besten noch in der ersten Dezemberwoche, denn sonst machst du das Album ja doch nicht fertig”. Und jetzt ist der Dezember schon fast vorbei und mein Album, ihr habt es schon erraten, gibt es nach wie vor nur in meiner Fantasie. Aber nun lohnt es sich auch nicht mehr, das noch anzufangen..

    Aber egal, heute bin ich jedenfalls wieder in der SBW Inspirations Gallerie und für das 23. Türchen zuständig. Dort findet ihr eine Idee, wie man ganz schnell und supereinfach sein eigenes, ganz individuelles Geschenkpapier machen kann! 🙂

    Go check it out, and when you have done that: Grab a cup of coffe / tea / hot chocolate, whatever you prefer, put on some Christmas tunes, get cozy on the sofa, snack on some yummy Christmas cookies and just enjoy your day / evening before Christmas!!

    I wish you all a very merry Christmas and I hope that you will have a nice time with all your loved ones, lots of laughter and good food 😉

    Also, schaut doch mal vorbei! Und wenn ihr das getan habt, schnappt euch eine Tasse Kaffee / Tee / heiße Schokolade, was immer ihr mögt, legt Weihnachtsmusik auf, macht es euch auf der Couch mit ein paar Plätzchen gemütlich und genießt den Tag /Abend vor Weihnachten so richtig!!

    Ich wünsche euch allen ein wunderschönes und erholsames Weihnachtsfest, eine schöne Zeit mit euren Liebsten mit schönen Gesprächen und leckerem Essen 😉

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    A quick & easy PL card tutorial with [LoraBailora products].

    Woohoo, here’s the second post of the day! And it’s going to be colourful 🙂

    Today I’m going to show you a super easy and quick way how to make your own custom-made Project Life cards using Laura’s stamps and buttons, and only a few more things. And the best thing: this project won’t take you more than 15 minutes!

    What you will need: white cardstock, cutter, watercolours, embossing ink (or any stamp ink that dries slowly), embossing powder, a heat gun and of course some stamps and buttons! 🙂
    (If you don’t have a heat gun at home, don’t worry, your toaster will do just the same – just hold your card over it until the embossing powder has melted. Be careful not to burn yourself, though! 😀 )

    Here’s how to make those cards (I didn’t include any step by step photos because it’s just so easy!):

    1. Grab a piece of white cardstock and cut the size you want. (I made all of mine 3“x4“, but you can make any size you need, of course)
    2. Take a paintbrush and dip it in water to moisten the card (you can moisten all of it, or just part of the card, depending on the effect you want to achieve) – do not put paint on the brush, yet!
    3. Now when the card is wet, take some paint on your brush and dip it onto the card – the colour will now find its way through the water and create a really cool effect 🙂
    4. Let the card dry.
    5. Take your favourite stamp, put some embossing ink on it and press it onto the card.
    6. Apply embossing powder and melt it with your heat gun (or toaster 😀 ).
    7. You are done!

    Now you can admire your pretty cards and use them in your next Project Life spreads! Or give them to a friend to put a smile on her face! 🙂

    I hope you like this quick and easy tutorial! Next time I’ll show you some of the cards I made in action – and of course a new project featuring Laura’s pretty products!  

    Which card is your favourite? I can’t decide between the pink/yellow one with the camera button and the green “otoño” card 🙂

    You should also check out Laura’s blog where I shared this tutorial today, too and where you will find so many other great projects with her beautiful products by my incredibly talented DT colleagues!

    Products used:
    LoraBailora stamp “ABC sketch”
    LoraBailora stamp “otoño”
    LoraBailora stamp “Willy Fog”
    LoraBailora stamp “Fotogenica”
    LoraBailora buttons “Cole1”

    DIY, Scrapbooking

    A Confetti Pocket [Tutorial].

    Last week when I posted my Get Messy pages, I had one with a confetti pocket on it. One of my readers asked if I make them myself and if so, if I have any tips for how you can make some, too. The answer is: yes and yes! Of course you can also sometimes buy readymade confetti pockets from scrapbooking manufacturers, but most of the time they are quite expensive and may not look exactly the way you want/need them.

    So today I will share three super easy ways how you can make your own confetti pockets in just a few minutes and with only a handful of tools/materials to fit your style and needs!

    If you don’t have some little glassine bags which you can just fill with some sequins, wood veneer pieces or whatever you like to make a confetti pocket in under a minute, here’s how you could do it:
    All you need is some sturdy transparency paper, a cutter, a ruler, some sequins, wood veneer shapes or whatever else you want to use to fill the pockets, a glue roller, your favourite washi tape and, for one of the three ways, a sewing machine.


    First Option: The Washi Pocket
    For this kind of confetti pocket you need to cut a rectangular shape from the transparency paper and fold it in half. The side where you fold it should be the bottom of your pocket, so you only need to put washi on the left and the right side to really create a pocket. When you have that, fill it with whatever you like and then close it by putting another strip of washi on it.
    It will look like a little confetti frame 🙂 You could also put some washi on the bottom side of the pocket to “close” the frame – however you like it!

    Second Option: The Sewn Pocket
    For this pocket you can start with whatever shape you like. Either you also cut a rectangular or square shape from the transparency paper and stitch up the left and right side so you can then fill it, or you could also cut two hearts/circles/stars/dodecahedrons (you get the idea 😉 ). Then just sew the two pieces together but leave a small opening to fill the pockets!
    When you put in enough sequins, glitter and other fun bits and bobs, you can close them by stitching up the opening as well. Done!

    Third Option: The Glued Pocket
    This pocket is a good alternative when you a) don’t have a sewing machine or when you b) don’t want washi on your pockets.
    From your transparency paper cut out the basic shape of a little pocket (I made a little draft for you), then fold side 1 so that it lies on side 2. Now close it by folding and glueing down the flaps (3 and 4).
    Now your pocket is ready to be filled! You can then either close it by leaving a flap on the upper side (5) and glueing it down as well, or you leave it open and put it in place with a strip of washi (like I did on my Get Messy page last week).

    A tip for making a pocket like this really quickly: I made myself a few cardstock stencils for some pockets in different sizes so I just need to trace around it and cut it out. 🙂

    So, there you have it: three ways how to easily and quickly make some confetti pockets you can then use for layouts, art journal pages, as gift tags, etc.

    If you have any questions or something isn’t really clear (I really tried to explain it as easy as possible, but sometimes I feel I overcomplicate things :D), let me know in the comments! 🙂